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Grooming Services

  • Spa Bath: Massaging Bath, Dry, Brush, Cologne

  • Mini Spa: Spa Bath + Ears Cleaned, Nails Clipped/Filed, Sanitary Clip, Neaten Feet/Face

  • Full Spa: Mini Spa + Hair Cut

  • Shedless Treatment: Mini Spa + Deshedding Solution Treatment, High Velocity Forced Air Blow Out, Shedding Tool Brush Out

Add On/ A la carte Services

  • Tooth Brushing

  • Flea Shampoo

  • Medicated Shampoo

  • Nail Trim/File

  • Paw Soak/Pad Treatment

  • Sugar Scrub Skin Treatment

  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud Treatment

  • Raindrop Aromatherapy


Grooming prices are based on Dog Breed, Coat Length/Condition, Size, and Temperament/Behavior.

Prices quoted over the phone are ESTIMATED prices and are subject to change.


  • You must have an appointment for your dog to to be groomed. All dogs scheduled for grooming need to be dropped of between 8am & 10am. Dogs are groomed in the order that they arrive and we will call you when your dog is ready to go. Free daycare is included with Mini Spa and Full Spa grooming services. All dogs need to be picked up before 5:30pm.

  • We require that all dogs are current on Rabies and DHPP Vaccines. Proof of vaccinations must be provided by you (We can not call your vet to get it)

  • No Shows and last minute cancellations will incur a fee equal to the grooming cost before another appointment will be scheduled.

  • We do NOT groom "drugged" or sedated dogs. If your pet requires medication to get through the grooming process, It is best to have grooming performed at a Vet to ensure the safety of your pup should they experience side effects from the medication.

  • An additional $10 fee will be charged for intact males and/or females in heat over 6months old.

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